Dossier: 10/01/2017

The real friends

Our pets are our most faithful friends always, both for the good as for the bad. Their are our real friends. Discover the frienship real stories of Izar, Dana, Nela and Prana:


Of the whole litter, Frank noticed one of them. His tender gaze, an apparent weakness, .... does not know exactly what it was but something called his attention powerfully. Frank felt that puppy was special, Izar trapped him forever. Theirs was a love at first sight. Since then they are inseparable.


Since she was a kid, Anna was afraid of all kinds of dogs It was something superior to her. Anna believed that fear would last forever, but one day she met Dana, a small puppy from ShibaInu and, as if by magic, her fear was transformed into affection, protection, complicity, friendship, in everything she never would have thought she might find in a dog. Thanks to Dana, her fear disappeared forever.


When Marc saw Nela, he knew at that moment that his life had changed forever. Marc says that was Nela who had adopted him.

One day Marc went to an animal shelter with the intention of adopting a dog to give all the affection of the world. There he looked at a greyhound,  seemed sad and somewhat frightened.  Nela approached slowly to the fence that separated them only a few centimeters but at the same time delimited two distant worlds and looked at Marc as if it were her only hope. Marc still has that stare that gripped him and changed his life forever. For that reason he always tells that it was Nela who adopted him.


There are stories that are the result of chance. One summer Raquel traveled 1000km away to enjoy a well deserved vacation. She was looking for tranquility, disconnection and relaxation, but she would never have imagined that what she would find would be Prana, a friend for life. Since fate crossed their lives they barely separate a few centimeters.